BIT3G: 3rd generation biorefinery integrated in the territory


Progetto finalizzato

Funding body



D. M. 11/10/2013


3 years



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Planned activities

The BIT3G project is one of the four strategic R&D project included within National Technology Cluster of the Green Chemical for the technologies development of biomass processing into biochemicals and energy.  Novamont has the project coordination.

Main purpose is the development of a biorefinery of third generation integrated at local level. The biorefinery will have to be respectful of the local biodiversity. Starting from sustainable farming methods it showed  low impact systems in order to obtain Bio-based chemicals with high added value.   

In particular, it will be studied the agro-industry chains of oil crops for dry land farming aimed at optimizing the use of natural resources through both  specific studies on conversion processes and the exploitation of by-products derived from  agriculture and industrial processes.

CRA-ING will design and support the development of a new head for the harvest and separation of the different fractions of Cynara cardunculus. Moreover the group will provide logistic support for supplying power plant with raw materials produced in field.   




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