OPTIMA: Optimization of Perennial Grasses for Biomass Production in the Mediterranean Environment.


  1. 2011.3.1-02 Perennial grasses: optimising biomass production – SICA

Grant agreement

No. 289642

Funding body





4 years


01/10/2011 – 2015

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Planned activities

The objective of the project is to identify high-yielding perennial grasses for the Mediterranean area, within optimized production chain that will provide stable source for both biomass and new plant derived bio-products. Moreover, the project will explore the potentialities of perennial grasses on underutilized or abandoned marginal lands. An interdisciplinary approach involving physiology, biotechnology, agronomy, socio-economical and environmental analysis at different scale levels will be undertaken with the aim at tackling specific bottlenecks of perennial grasses in the Mediterranean area and to create alternative end-use chains.

The main objective of the Panacea group is the identification of the best methodologies for reducing the biomass losses during harvesting and storage phases. Such goal will be realized through the following activities:

(1) analysis of the local parameters affecting the logistic;

(2) study of the phenological characteristics affecting harvesting mechanization;

(3) field harvesting tests;

(4) identification of the machines susceptible to improve logistic;

(5) optimization of the storage process in order to reduce both transport costs and losses due to metabolite degradation during storage;

(6) dissemination of the innovation proposed.

Demonstrative tests will be promoted in the different Regions of southern Europe to verify the efficiency of the machine under different operating conditions as well as to extend the results of this project through demonstrative days addressing to farmers and sector operators.



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